Mar 14 , 2019

According to the History of Cannabis Museum; “Evidence of hemp cultivation was discovered in an ancient village in Taiwan dating back over 12,000 years, and the first reported medicinal use of hemp or cannabis dates back to around 2900 BC in ancient China.”

The use of medical marijuana has been around since ancient civilization; it has even been rumoured that people have used marijuana for recreational use.

The first documented case of cannabis use

Before you could find an organic CBD online store, the roots of the cannabis sativa plant were found in Asia.

Around 2727 BCE Emperor Sheng Neng of China used a cannabis-infused tea to help with a multitude of health issues that involved short-term memory loss, gout, and even malaria. Word got around, and the use of cannabis products spread. However, these efforts were poorly documented and are less-than-readily available.

The only surviving evidence of Emperor Neng’s practice was a book he authored entitled Pen Ts’au, the text referenced the use of cannabis-related treatments that Chinese medicine practitioners still use today.

The conquest of the Holy Roman Empire

Roman military camps began setting up base around Asia minor and eventually made their way to China. The Romans acquired over 60 acres of hemp from China and discovered more in the regions they visited and brought the plants back with them to Italy.

Greek physician PedaciusDioscorides accompanied the Roman camp. He collected the plants he found on his journey. In his book, Materia Medica, he documented over 600 different strands of cannabis and their potential curative properties.

Journey to modern America

The FDA and USDA aren’t quite as accepting of the use of marijuana in the medical field due to the presence of the psychoactive ingredient THC. But American Indians were known to use the cannabis plant to get themselves in a trance. So the government doesn’t see it as an entirely reliable drug.

The resurgence of cannabinoid

Cannabis-related products resurfaced and gained popularity in the market within the last decade. Back in the day, you had to smuggle cannabis through borders to use it; now you can browse for a medical CBD oil online store and purchase it in selected states.

CBD oil has come a long way. And even know, only 33 of 50 states have legalized the use of this medicinal plant. Before purchasing any cannabis related products, check with federal laws first.