Mar 25 , 2019

The medicinal cannabis industry is growing like weeds (pun intended) and it is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. A lot of brands are popping up everywhere, offering different kinds of products that come in various doses. The growing number of brands means that it can be more difficult to look for that perfect CBD product for you. More countries in the world are opening their doors and accepting cannabis as a medical option. It's now available in a lot of places. Some companies have physical stores where people could get their CBD products, some get it in an organic CBD online store. As more companies are producing their own line of products, the purity, quality, and the effects may vary. That just means that every product is not created equal. Some have good products, while others offer goods with compromised quality.  

So how do you know if you're using the right CBD product?

Look at the concentration

CBD products come in various concentrations. A quick glance at the label and you can see the percentage of concentration as well as the amount in milligrams. The higher the doses go, the more amplified the effects are. If you've just discovered CBD products and have just begun to use them recently, it's recommended that you start with smaller concentrations first. Give the product some time to take effect and see how it does for a few weeks. After some time, evaluate your experience. Do you need a higher dosage or is your current dose enough for now?

Look at the price tag

Products with higher concentrations tend to cost more. Their shelf life may last longer too. After finding out which concentration fits you best, look for the best volume where you can save more money. Would a bigger bottle do the trick, or will a small bottle be enough for your dosage?

Now look at the label

BioSummit Labs' Premium Hemp Oil is a full-spectrum oil. Compared to the other types of hemp oil, the isolates, full-spectrum oils offer more benefits that you won't get from isolates. Full-spectrum oils have other compounds that help CBD do a better job in giving the body the benefit it needs. Through a natural process called the "Entourage effect", compounds like CBN, CBL, and terpenes all make it easier for CBD to take full effect and be truly beneficial for you.

Look at how it's extracted

Not all CBD extraction methods are the same. Each one varies according to the purity and quality of the hemp oil it produces. Other companies tend to use harmful materials like butane or propane when extracting CBD because this method is less costly. Each product that comes out of the BioSummit Labs is meticulously extracted using CO₂ extraction. It may not be the easiest, nor is it the cheapest method in extracting CBD, but it sure is more efficient in producing the finest quality of CBD.

Look at the origins

When deciding which CBD product is best for you, it's important that you choose products that are grown in the best conditions. If the hemp used is grown under questionable conditions, it raises a lot of red flags. Hemp is a kind of plant that absorbs contaminants, those unwanted substances could end up in the final product. Made from 100% organically-grown Colorado hemp, Bio Summit Labs' products are made with the utmost concern for purity and quality. The product is tested by reputable professional third parties to make sure every bottle is literally dripping with quality hemp oil you could trust. If you know where to look, it's easy to shorten the ever-expanding list of CBD products that is perfect for you. At the end of the day, the effect it has on the customer matters the most. Check out our medical CBD oil online store to get your hands on one of the finest hemp oils in the market today! [ ... ]