Mar 20 , 2019

If you’ve been looking for an alternative form of treatment, then you’ve probably heard about CBD and hemp oil. Actually, you don’t even need to be seeking therapy to have heard of the wonders of the cannabis sativa plant. CBD as a wonder drug is showing up everywhere. You may have seen it in TV commercials and on social media. Even your next door neighbors might be talking about it.

Here’s trivia that the general public needs to know about the two:

You can buy it online

Anything you can find at a store can now be found online. CBD and hemp oil are no exceptions to this. You can buy medical CBD oil from a reliable and validated online store. But check with your health care providers first before you decide to purchase any medicine and use them for treatment. Browse through the website first for accreditations and third-party testing. When you find all that, you’re good to go.

It is non-psychoactive

Unlike marijuana, CBD and hemp contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component that makes people feel intoxicated. In fact, some studies show that CBD oil contains anti-psychoactive properties. In simple terms, it has the opposite effect that THC has on the brain.

CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal

When CBD oil is extracted from marijuana, that’s where things get messy. Marijuana has extremely high levels of THC. This does not sit well with the FDA and the USDA. CBD from hemp, however, has proven to have the same effect as when it is extracted from marijuana.

Hemp seed is a great protein substitute

Protein shakes and powders are popular among the bodybuilding scenes. There are so many substitutes on the market that are loaded with unknown cancer-causing chemicals. Hemp, on the other hand, is organic. Which makes it an ultimately better alternative than all the weight gain supplements you see on the market.

Hemp oil can be used to cook

Typically, it’s an alternative for olive oil in salad dressing. But hemp oil can also be used in dips, smoothies, yoghurt, and shakes. There are plenty of recipes using hemp oil that you can find online. It has a nutty aftertaste that people enjoy which make it a perfect addition to their meals.

Hemp oils soothe an upset stomach

You can buy medical hemp oil for sale in most pharmacies to cure an upset stomach. They come in tincture form for easy absorption into the stomach lining. Also, it’s safe to use for children. It’s a much better alternative to all the over-the-counter drugs that they’re used to.

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