May 31 , 2019

You've read about the growing process -- how Cannabis Sativa plants are nurtured until they're ready for harvesting. Now you'll learn about the process behind making the miracle substance that it is. The fact of the matter is that CBD oil can be made at home, however, having it made in a lab ensures its sterility and effectivity.


There are three methods to produce high quality, organic CBD oil:
- The C02 method
- The Ethanol Method
- and the Oil Method

C02 Method:

Regarding extracting the CBD oil using this technique, you begin with liquid CO2 and raise its pressure via a compressor. You must also increase its temperature using a heater. The next step involves passing the supercritical carbon dioxide through some high-quality cannabis, which should be in an extractor.

The Ethanol Method:

Ethanol extraction is a single-stream process that can be administered under warm or cold conditions. An example of warm ethanol extraction processes is the "Soxhlet technique." While heating ethanol can increase the extraction process's efficiency, ethanol is an excellent solvent for extracting terpenes and cannabinoids.

Oil method

This method of making CBD oil is gaining popularity. This method involves extraction using a carrier oil -- Olive oil is most commonly used in this process. Oil extraction is gaining popularity because of the added benefits and nutrients of the carrier oil. However, we do not use this method since we only promote pure CBD and hemp oil.


An important aspect of our CBD oil is that it's third party lab tested. After we run all the tests in our lab, we send a batch out to be tested in another lab. Our goal is to deliver top tier CBD oil to our clients that's free of any impurities and additives.


CBD oil is best stored in glass bottles to limit the bacteria that enter the bottles. Also, it regulates the temperature of the oil, which, by the way, needs to be kept in a cool, dry place

We should also note that the bottles are sterilized to make sure they're free from impurities.


Finally, all the bottles are labeled. There's the usual brand label, date of manufacturing, expiry date, and then there's also the accreditations,which is the most important part. This involves the third party testing, the seals of approval, and the verification from quality control.

For more information on our organic CBD oil from Colorado, feel free to leave us a message, we'll be more than happy to assist you.