May 28 , 2019

Here at BioSummit Labs, we take the production of quality medical CBD oil quite seriously. Everything involved in the process is looked after with a keen eye for detail. From the farm to the pharma, everything is professionally prepared to bring you the best product.

Producing CBD oil is not like good cooking where you taste and adjust. That part should come before you decide to produce CBD commercially. Every step in our production process is executed accurately every time to ensure the consistency of our proven quality.

Planting and growing the hemp plant is one of the most important parts of the production process. Every element that contributes to the growth of the plant determines its quality. Even the state of the soil is vital in the production of quality hemp oil.

Here's a look at how we ensure its optimum condition.

Understanding the Nature of Soil

Every kind of farmer has to understand that soil is a powerhouse of various living creatures. It hosts a lot of organisms and microorganisms, all of which can influence each other including the seed that is buried in it.

If you're not careful, the soil can choke up the plant and compromise the quality of your crops.

The most ideal sweet spot when looking into your soil is to make sure it supports quick seed germination. This helps the plant grow healthier and faster without the need to use chemicals to aid its growth.

Keep the Soil Working

Unlike professional athletes, the soil has no off-season. When the soil keeps on working, it stays rich and full of nutrients. We have methods of keeping the soil working to maintain all the good stuff it has for our hemp plants.

When the need comes, we put in cover plants after harvesting hemp to keep the soil working and for the nutrients remain in the soil.

Hemp is best grown in certain environmental conditions. If you can't maintain these conditions, the quality of the hemp can be compromised.

Keep the Soil Healthy

With the presence of threats like chemicals and pests, it sure is a challenge to keep the soil in the best condition. But that doesn’t stop us from producing the best medical cannabinoid hemp oil Colorado or even the country has ever seen.

We do our best to keep this nutrient and condition maintenance a priority and to perform every effort in the most natural of ways. This, among other priorities we carefully execute, is intended to produce only the highest quality product.